Svaneti is the unique destination for freeride and for heliski in particular.
Almost untouched by civilization, our terrain is rich with steep challenging slopes, together with nice long cruisey runs, wide-open glaciers, sub-alpine forests - yes, we have a variety of choices for making every run unforgettable. Over 1500 square kilometers of big mountains with dots of ancient villages - this is massive terrain!

Uncomparable snow quality… Better than you could even imagine. Exciting, admirable, ecstatic - are the right words to describe our smooth and sparkling, soft and sensual powder!

With a helicopter you’ll get to absolutely uninhabited and un-skied areas. 100% guarantee you’ll be the one to make the first lines there.The miracle of wild nature will be at your full disposal

Incredible Terrain to suit all skier/riders needs and abilities High Elevation skiing with spectacular scenery
Georgia is located at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe.
It is easily accessible by plane - 3-4-hour flight from any european country to one of our international airports (Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Batumi) and then a comfortable transfer right to the heart of mesmerising nature of Svaneti. The views on the way to Mestia town are so unbelievably picturesque, that you’ll feel the spirit of adventure right away.

Base of the trip is located in Mestia, the capital of Svaneti. Central part of the Greater Caucasus mountains will be our playground. More than 1500 square kilometers of absolutely stunning terrain. Most of the runs are in the alpine zone, which starts from 2300 m, highest reachable points are about 4000 m.

Mestia’s infrastructure includes a basic hospital, small civil airport, two ski resorts, several museums and dozens of restaurants and cafes. The population of Mestia is 3000 citizens and only several hundreds of adventurers come in the winter season.

The climate of Svaneti combines mild winter with excellent snow conditions.
Temperatures rarely drop below -10° Celsius (14° Fahrenheit) during the day. The snowfalls are short, but intense. !
Weather by months
  • January - solid snow base at all elevations, including Mestia. We start the season in January
  • February - peak ski season, expect big dumps of snow and a solid snow base.
  • March - the most stable month in relation to snowfalls. The weather is sunny. A great combination of spring in the valleys and mild frosty powder in the mountains.
  • April - longer daylight provides an opportunity to combine morning skiing in the mountains with walking and chilling and going out in the afternoon and in the evening.
Weekly weather report is available at the News & Conditions page.
There are two ski resorts in the area (Tetnuldi and Hatsvali-Mestia). When the weather doesn’t allow heliskiing, you could have a great time there or go ski touring or explore some other villages in the region.
Tetnuldi Ski Resort
2,260 - 3,165 M
Tetnuldi Ski Resort (15.0 km from Mestia) called after the mountain it's placed on is the largest one in the area. It is growing and developing at the same pace as the interest in the Svaneti region. Tetnudi’s lifts are the point of entry to a lot of сouloirs and are the starting point for various ski tour and backcountry routes. Some skiers told us they felt like they’re on their own private resort there.
Hatsvali-Mestia Ski Resort
1,865 - 2,347 M
Despite the fact that the difference in altitude seems not so impressive, everyone will be able to find entertainment at this resort (from beginners to experienced freeriders). The resort can be reached by car (8.0 km away from Mestia) or by a new ski-lift directly from Mestia. The best place for the forest riding during white snowfall days.